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Payload 8kg | Reach 2000mm | Axes 6

The IRB 2600ID industrial robot delivers higher output from a smaller footprint in Arc Welding, Materials Handling & Machine Tending applications.

Thanks to the Integrated Dressing (ID) technology and the larger working envelope, cycle times can be reduce by up to 15% and cost of ownership reduced by 75%. 

With the IRB 2600ID cycle times are significantly reduced and reliability increased. With all cables and hoses firmly secured, movements are easily predicted making off-line programming and simulations perfect representations of the actual robot system. Programming is faster and more reliable. And with less swing of cables, the robot can run at maximum achievable acceleration at all times.

Lifetime of hoses and cables increases significantly. Being secured and protected, they swing less during operation, and are less exposed to weld spatter or cutting fluids,

With its compact design and without loose hoses and cables, the IRB 2600ID has a very small footprint allowing for productive, high-density installations with 50% more robots, and up to 50% higher output from a production cell.

With a slim wrist and integrated dressing IRB 2600ID can easily access narrow openings and perform complex movements.

For example, in arc welding this means that the IRB 2600ID can do circular welds without interruption and without compromising quality – and in a much shorter cycle time.