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SU 477 Brochure Catalog Download
  • Air Cooled Goosenecks available for up to 500A @ 60% Duty Cycle;
  • Water Cooled Goosenecks available for up to 550A @ 100% Duty Cycle;
  • Built-in Shock Sensor;
  • Made with aluminum providing better resistance and durability;
  • Connections with stainless steel;
  • Security valves for water input and output;
  • Plug for wire feeding;
  • Plug for anti-shock system;
  • Tool kit and installation screws included;
  • Works with all Sumig torch head models.
  • Ultra Flex and Durable Air Cooled or Water Cooled cables.
  • Flanges and Power Connectors for any Robot and Power Source Brands.