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Our RTW-SD88 is a dual back-to-back lateral feeding welding cell with fixed or rotating tables, internal or external protection screen and is designed to the welding of medium to large parts. 

Sumig’s newly designed Ready-To-Weld (RTW) modular cells systems line offers the highest scalability and configurable options in the market today. Our standard robotic welding systems includes world class robotic arms and power sources to meet your welding application, productivity and quality goals. The modular design concept allows for future expansion as your business grows. 


    - 2 Work Stations

    - Fixed Tables Dimension: 88"W x 30"D

    - Back-to-back loading

    - Safety Light Barriers

    - High Flexibility at competitive cost

    - Compliant with ANSI/RIA 15.06 Standard

    Sumig turn key package service for robotic welding system