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Payload 6kg | Reach 1440mm | Axes 6

  • Slim, fast six-axis MA1440 welding robot increases productivity
    and achieves highest welding performance.

  • Large, 50 mm thru-hole for torch cabling, sensor wires and water cooling. Eliminates cable interference, simpli es programming and reduces cable wear.

  • 6 kg payload supports motorized torches and sensors.

  • Hollow upper arm maintains optimum bend radius of welding torch cable, maximizing weld performance.
  • T-axis can rotate torch ±210 degrees without cable interference.
  • New, contoured arm design reduces interference with jigs and large parts.

  • Optimized mounting area for feeder reduces interference.
  • Minimal U-axis cable protrusion eliminates peripheral equipment interference.
  • Symmetric wrist profile provides equal torch access to both sides of part.
  • Ideally suited for use in high-density workcells with multiple robots working in close proximity.
  • Slim arm allows easy access to parts in tight spots and avoids potential interference with fixtures.
  • Floor-mounted model is standard. Wall- or ceiling-mounted versions are available.
  • Also available with increased 12 kg payload capacity (MH12) for material handling applications.