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Payload 6kg | Reach 2034mm | Axes 6


Application specific operation

Each robot is equipped standard with an easy to view and operate color LCD touchscreen teach pendant. The operator teaches the process path using dedicated arc welding teaching screens that are designed for simpli ed use and easy operation.

Welding condition database

During an automated process, the operator can change the welding conditions on-the- y, and then store these changes to a built-in database. The saved conditions can then be recalled from the database and reused.

Reduced downtime

A standard, dedicated start sequence function improves the arc establishment. Also, for weld process faults, the robot includes a restart sequence function to automatically conduct overlap welding and resume the operation.

Manual arc control

The Kawasaki arc welding robots feature a one button “arc on / arc off” function to allow operators to easily and quickly turn the weld off and on during the automatic weld process. This manual arc control helps operators deal with part anomalies.

Advanced technology

Servo-torch, touch sensing, special weaving pattern, real-time path modi cation (RTPM) sensor, start-point sensing, multilayer welding function, and auto voltage control (AVC) sensor are some of the advanced arc welding options available with the Kawasaki welding robots.

Offline programming

Kawasaki offers arc welding speci c of ine programming software to automatically generate robot programs from 3D CAD data. Kawasaki’s KCONG software signi cantly reduces robot teaching time and lowers production costs.

BA006L Specifications

Type Articulated Robot
Degree of Freedom 6
Max. Payload (kg) 6
Max. Reach (mm) 2,036
Positional Repeatability (mm) ✽1 ±0.08
Motion Range (°) Arm Rotation (JT1) ±165
Arm Out-in (JT2) +150 - −90
Arm Up-down (JT3) +90 - −175
Wrist Swivel (JT4) ±180
Wrist Bend (JT5) ±135
Wrist Twist (JT6) ±360
Max Speed (°/s) Arm Rotation (JT1) 210
Arm Out-in (JT2) 210
Arm Up-down (JT3) 220
Wrist Swivel (JT4) 430
Wrist Bend (JT5) 430
Wrist Twist (JT6) 650
Moment (N•m) Wrist Swivel (JT4) 12
Wrist Bend (JT5) 12
Wrist Twist (JT6) 3.75
Moment of Inertia (kg•m2) Wrist Swivel (JT4) 0.4
Wrist Bend (JT5) 0.4
Wrist Twist (JT6) 0.07
Mass (kg) 160
Body Color Munsell 10GY9/1 equivalent
Installation Floor, Ceiling
Environmental Condition Ambient Temperature (°C) 0 - 45
Relative Humidity (%) 35 - 85 (No dew, nor frost allowed)
Power Requirements (kVA) ✽2 2.0
Degree of Protection IP65
Controller America E01
Japan & Asia

✽1: conforms to ISO9283

✽2: depends on the payload and motion patterns